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Connect & Grow with other founders (by lempire x Flomodia)
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Founders & Co-Founders

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Hey founders!
lempire and Flomodia here!👋🏽

Launching your business is full of challenges, like:
- Hiring the right people to build a strong team
- Finding product market fit
- Managing cash flow...
...the list goes on

One of the best ways to overcome these challenges is to talk to others who are (or were) in the same situation as you. This can help you gain a different perspective on things, learn new ways to solve your current problems or simply get something off your chest.

To help you meet these people, we've launched our new event series: Connect & Grow

The very first edition will take place on Thursday, March 23rd, where you're invited to meet & chat with 150+ founders!
We've organized plenty of cool games to play that'll make networking easier, more fun and also help you connect with a maximum of new people.

Drinks are on us, as per the usual

What are you still waiting for? Get your spot now to take your business to the next level.

See you there!



54 rue de Lancry, Paris 10
This event will not be recorded. Physical attendance only 💘

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